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Given that I don't drive but love hiking/walking I have a good idea of what I can get to on my own. I am very glad to get more variety through joining [personal profile] majes most weekends, but here are some favorite public transport friendly options for others looking in the area. This was originally inspired by this link. So in no particular order:

I adore Castle Island. You can take the Red Line or take a bus from downtown crossing there:

The Fells is super close and has lots of variety. Depending on what end you want to do, you can take the 100 from Wellington or just take the Orange Line to Oakgrove.

I am particularly fond of the Emerald Necklace in the Fenway (Green Line). I often do the part near the MFA. For something with such an urban location, it is super accessible and beautiful when the weather is nice:

Jamaica Pond is lovely. It has a bunch of bus access, but you can also get there from the Green St stop on the Orange Line:

I am fond of the Mystic River Reservation as it is so close to my house. It is an easy walk from Wellington on Assembly Row Orange Line stops:

Beaver Brook Parkway in Belmont can be reached from the 73 from Harvard:

Minute Man National Park is accessible from the 76 out of Alewife. This is easy walking trail only, not hiking, but it is pretty and historic:

There is limited bus service that heads out to the Blue Hills from Ashmont, but it does not run on Sundays or afternoon on Saturdays. Still one of my favorite parks:

I have done this park and it is surprisingly nice for something so urban. It has an MBTA bus from Forest Hills Station (Orange Line), but I haven not taken it:

Of course the Esplanade is beautiful as well:

The river estuary in Quincy is accessible from the 202 out of Fields Corner (Red Ashmont Line):

For more water views in Quincy, you can also tke the 211 out of North Quincy (Red Braintree Line):

Out at the Chestnut Hills station on the Green D Line, there is also

Do you have other favorite public transport friendly hikes in the Boston area? I am interested in maintaining a collection of them and would love your suggestions.
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