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Some swaps came in today, and I am so happy with them. First I swapped a bottle of Wolf Moon for a Naughty tee. (I was decreed nice by tge lab.) Then in the second envelope was a bottle of Lump of Coal I had swapped for Mitzvah. OMG o_O So fudgey and orgasmic. This is not for non-foodies at all. Mmmmm love it!
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I am ridiculously amused by the beaver-moon tee-shirt, and Roger is encouraging me to get it. I will probably wear it to events in the future. The Yule/BeaverMoon update/limiteds are fairly exciting in general as well. I am a mint addict and am thrilled by Lick It and Nuclear Winter. More thought needs to be considered on this matter. Also up for consideration are Sol and Haunted Palace. Anyone else?
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So we had the BPAL Boston, MA meet-up today. A bunch of people had to cancel at the last minute, but it was still a whole lot of fun. I spread out my hot pink Simmons blanket and before too long it was covered in imps and bottles from everyone who came. I did a little swapping, but for the most part I gave a way a bunch of my imp collection. Roger was quite pleased that I cleared it out some. I think I am going to have to try to get ahold of some Chango now though... mmm plantains.

After a few hours that passed surprisingly quickly in the Commons, we wandered down Newbury street to Lush. Why must they put sodium lauryl sulfate in everything?! Just as well I suppose. It keeps me from being tempted. The only thing there that interests me are the Avobath Bombs because they smell like lime fruit loops. We didn't make it to the essential oil store in Kenmore, but I hear that it really isn't that amazing; another time perhaps.

I am actually fairly pleased that this went as well as it did considering I had never planned something like this before. I would definately try it again, and next time there is talk of meeting in Salem or in Chinatown for Dim Sum.

BPAL update

Apr. 1st, 2005 03:25 pm
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So I placed my order. I was pretty good and kept it to a minimum. All the scents I ordered were from the Springtime in Arkham collection. When I saw Miskatonic University though, all I could think was "Wasn't [ profile] regyt looking for a book scent?"

*edit* If anyone would be willing to lend me some Lovecraft, would much appreciate it. I am suddenly quite in the mood and don't own any.
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Friday night I spent a wonderful evening with the lovely and charming [ profile] astro_babe. We had yummy indian and then wandered off to a coffee shop rather than go home right away. I can't believe how quickly the time went; it was suddenly nearly midnight before I knew it. There is a very lucky englishman out there who should be constantly reminded just how fortunate he is to have such a lovely, intelligent woman in his life.

[ profile] astro_babe also very kindly brought my Black Broom bottle of Helping Hand. I can't wait to post reviews about it. I have been thinking "happy thoughts" for everyone involved with getting the boards back up. All their efforts are much appreciated.
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I'm kinda bummed that I haven't gotten a Click N' Ship for my December 25th BPAL order. Other forumites are posting in the "Click'N'Ships only please!" thread about orders as late as January 14th. I am not distressed about it, since officially the lab has only gotten through December 24. I am just thinking that it has both Desdemona and Juliet in it and they would be wonderful right now. I am in need of something that reminds me of spring, and either of these would work wonderfully.


Dec. 15th, 2004 12:36 am
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My Yule order came in yesterday, and Roger tried to hold out on telling me. I didn't get a ship n' click for this order, but that is probably because I had to use Paypal (to get a discontinued). But I came home today and now I smell like a gingersnap. ^_^


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