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Arg, I managed to post about this on my craft blog, but apparently I did not here until now, which is pretty funny considering it just got dismantled for winter holiday decorating.


It was still a pretty cool project so I will leave a photo here and a link to the blog post.

Many thanks to Chiquita, [ profile] devoken, [ profile] ifuonlyknew, [ profile] jasra, [ profile] galaneia, [ profile] majes, [ profile] salvbard, [ profile] wispfox for all contributing to the tree.
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Care of Magical Creatures: Fire Crab thick socks )

Crochet / Knit / Weave: Select a pattern and follow it unerringly. When you turn in your item, please link the Ravelry pattern page to facilitate the verification process, as well as your personal project page.

Dye: Follow a specific dye regimen that you can cite via link. This may be an off-Ravelry page but must be accessible to anyone (no closed communities). Please remember to include photos of your process or a detailed description.

Spin: Attempt to duplicate a millspun yarn. We acknowledge that your handspun yarn will be superior to the commercial yarn you select to duplicate, and that many of the subtleties may be difficult to communicate. A sample of the commercial yarn is not required, but if you do have a sample, a side-by-side image is encouraged. Please link the Ravelry yarn page of the type you duplicate for comparison purposes.

DADA ribbed toeless socks )

Divination willow bag )

Herbology: Dirigible Plum toe up socks for C )

History of Magic: Triwizard Tournament
Option 1: Preparedness! You are a competitor in the very first Triwizard Tournament. You stand ready to begin but don’t know yet what the organizers have in store for you. Craft something you would bring along to help confront the terrifying Tasks ahead and explain your strategy!

Option 2: Ingenuity! Imagine that you are on the first Triwizard Tournament organizing committee. Craft something to symbolize one of the Tasks you would propose for the eager young witches and wizards whose names popped out of the Goblet of Fire.

Option 3: Strength of Heart! Embrace the spirit of cooperation as a route to success. Craft something in honor of a person you consider to be a true HPKCHC Champion! Please look among the current House Cup members before casting a name into this Goblet of Fire. Is this person especially helpful to others? An inspiring crafter? Someone who overcomes personal challenges with the heart of a Champion? Please explain the reasons for your choice and consider earburning your Champion when you hand in your assignment. Make sure we all know what makes this person great!

Muggle Studies: Dolls
Option 1: Recreate a Muggle Doll using standard spells (knitting and crocheting). Your Muggle Doll must be representative of a human! Think miniature humans.

Option 2: Make something for a Muggle Doll using standard spells: clothes, accessories, home furnishings, etc.

Option 3: Make a “Doll-like” stuffed animal. This must be a biological entity of some sort - a sentient lifeform. Think stuffed octopus or teddy bear, NOT a truck or knit strawberry.

Option 4: Spin doll hair! Spinners, spin a fingering weight or lighter yarn for this class (16 or more WPI).

Transfiguration: Scissors
Option 1. Use scissors to steek! (Bonus points for pictures of scissors actually cutting your project) Please don’t think you need to make an adult sweater, though we’d love to see it!

Option 2. Use scissors to transfigure something into something else. (For example, buy a thrift store sweater, felt it, cut it up, and sew it into mittens. Cut up plastic bags and crochet them into a more durable market bag. Cut-up any add-ins (clothes, plastic bags, fabric etc.) and spin (perhaps with other fiber) into yarn. Non-ravelry crafts allowed for this option only, on a case by case basis.) Think up-cycling! helpful link. Buying fabric or using fabric you already own to sew is not what we are looking for and will not be allowed.

Option 3. Create a project inspired by scissors. (Sell it!)

Option 4. Spinners/Dyers~ Spin or dye multiple colors of yarn for the purposes of a (future) colorwork and/or steeked project, with a bonus for showing us the design/diagram. Ex. I want to make X sweater with colors A, B, & C in this snowflake pattern. Here are the 3 skeins I spun/dyed!
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No I don't need to make this... but I still sort of want to.
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For those who are interested (in knitting or wedding stuff) I finished my wedding shawl. You can click on the images to embiggen them.
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So for this term in the knitting/crochet/spinning/crafty version of the House Cup that I play along with we have the following class assignments. For each one a project must be started and completed during September that follows the theme of the assignment. They can often be done in more than one type of crafting though.

cut for those who don't care )

So now I am looking for inspiration. I am thinking of making Icequeen for transfiguration, but nothing else is jumping out at me. Hmmm, I guess I need to mull this weekend.


Jul. 7th, 2009 11:44 pm
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We are just over a week until the 6th Harry Potter movie comes out, which means time to start planning going to see it. Is anyone out there looking for plans too?

You know since it is July... and it would seem reasonable to expect it to be too hot for wool and thus most of my stuff I have made. I am still hoping for some actual summer-like weather, but maybe the chill wet is just an excuse to actually wear my house sweater, my quidditch sweater or my house robes...
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So if I were to make this )

Should I do it as command track, engineer or science officer? I am leaning towards engineer, but am accepting input.
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I am suddenly really sleepy, but I wanted to make a quick update here about crafty stuff. I know that I haven't posted a lot of it here because I have been putting it mostly in my craft journal. So in my lazy route I am just gonna mention what has been going on with me with appropriate links to my other journal if you are interested.

Today was the Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too. I took Tab, and we had a lot of fun.

I dyed some yarn with beets as a by-product of all that beet canning we have been doing.

I finished 2 gifts for [ profile] mlbish's little Bishlette, but I didn't want to post here until I they arrived.

I also finished 2 hats for the Dulaan Project

So I am doing stuff, but I will probably taper off for the next two weeks (both crafty wise and in general) as work is going to be really picking up work wise for me.
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Would people in the area be interested in a yarn/fiber/crafty supply swap? If so which period of the summer would be best? (I will narrow down the dates from there.)

I know I have some stuff that I am unlikely to work with but although looking for some other types I am looking not to purchase more. I suppose I could always go to [ profile] knitswap but this sounded more fun.
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Ha LJ, I have thwarted your attempts to thwart me! Or something...

LJ doesn't let you use many of the "progress bars" out there, but it does allow images. Thus I have now added the following to my profile page.

Current Projects:
[ profile] buxom_bey's poi gloves
green socks
Tab's skirt - now finishing
spinning wool for Roger's mittens
cross stitched peacock


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