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Arg, I managed to post about this on my craft blog, but apparently I did not here until now, which is pretty funny considering it just got dismantled for winter holiday decorating.


It was still a pretty cool project so I will leave a photo here and a link to the blog post.

Many thanks to Chiquita, [ profile] devoken, [ profile] ifuonlyknew, [ profile] jasra, [ profile] galaneia, [ profile] majes, [ profile] salvbard, [ profile] wispfox for all contributing to the tree.
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Yup, this girl is polycraftual.
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This was too cool not to share: drawing a woman from the inside out

Purple Art

Nov. 21st, 2006 09:01 am
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Since I know a number of you on my f-list are into the color purple I thought I would pass along this information. This is a graet way to get some really affordable, but beautiful artwork.

There is an artist community called Nibblefest that has a monthly competition, where each artist submits a piece of art on Ebay starting $0.99 with no reserve. The competition is to have the most unique bidders. This month's theme is working in purple monocrome. To look for these items, search for "NFAC" in the title (or click here).

Craft Blog

Sep. 15th, 2006 10:50 am
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So as a few of you already know I decided to start a craft blog. Mostly this is so I can give out a blog address at the Knit Out/SnB without having to inflict my personal LJ on people. If you are interested you are welcome to read it, but I will probably duplicate a few of the posts here.

[ profile] mlbish, you may not want to go over they quite yet until you get your Bishlette's package in them mail. It is up to you though.


Aug. 18th, 2006 11:24 am
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Ok I haven't really discussed it previously, but I found this really neat online thing that some of you might be interested in. It is called CraftMemo, and I am too lazy to go find the link, but there is one in my side navigation bar. It was created by a crafter who wondered why there wasn't any product out there for hobby crafters to keep track of their supplies and projects. The product also would work for professional crafters, as it not only keeps track of when things were bought for records, you can export the data into excel sheets so you do not have to reenter the information later.

You can use it to keep track of your inventory of craft supplies (be they yarn or miniatures or anything else you do). What is it? Where did you buy it? When did you buy it? How much was it? What color is it? Plus it has a searchable "notes" section for any information you want but doesn't have its own section. Then you can create projects, incorporatng inventory items you have already added. it then comes up with a total cost for the project based on how much of each inventory item is used. Photos of the objects can be added too.

There are some slightly disturbing aspects about this website though. It gives a running total of what your inventory is worth. Only a small fraction of my stash is in there, and already I am coming to realize maybe I shouldn't know. (Or at least maybe Roger would rather not know.)
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The [ profile] yarnharlot visit to Porter on thursday was fun. (Traditional picture from the perspective of her current sock of the audience is available in the current entry. I am in the one of the right hand side of the room. Yes it took 2 photos to get all the knitters in the Mason Temple.) I got 2 out of her 3 books signed. The first one is traveling internationally as a bookring and thus was sadly unavailable. Currently it is in Ireland.) I saw one of [ profile] mrpet's roommates, but as she didn't seem to recognize me didn't say anything. (Yeah well I am shy... or something.)

Then yesterday, the Gore festival was fun. I was sad that I missed seeing [ profile] notanangel, but we should definitely try to plan something else! I am sorry I am a wuss and didn't dress warmly enough. (I know, I know, I even mentioned the temp/weather the day before... I manage to get everyone else dressed appropriately but me.) There were petable llamas, alpacas, sheep, cows, angora rabbits and chickens to look at. There was a good amount of kid-friendly stuff. I would definitely like to organize a larger kid group for next year.

On the spinning front, I ended up getting 3 lbs of white merino roving and 1 lb of a dark slightly coarse wool roving, both at an excellent price. It may be worth stopping by that farm sometime this summer if we do any hiking in NH. The brown will end up being something for Roger. I want to try these instructions for painting the merino (though with fewer colors). So far I managed to get the last 2 egg dye boxes from The Family Dollar Store in Davis. I am on the look out for more if anyone has seen any left still. Unfortunately I have a local source for Procion dyes but not acid dyes, which would be more useful with the wool. A Dharma Trading Co. order will be a last resort (unless people would be interested in a group order, cause I am thinking about some silk too). I resisted the urge to pick up some firestar since the seller was none other than the local Mind's Eye Yarn in Porter; I have no doubt I will try some sooner or later though.

I am off to do homework for a couple of hours now. I am so glad this semester is almost over!
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So I found this lovely cream silk extra large sweater. Well the silk was lovely anyways, 100% smooth silk. The gauge was small enough to make me stop and think about whether this was a good idea or not, but armed with my new spinning wheel I had a few ideas.

The first surprise was that the silk was actually knit with 2 strands of thread held together. Through some trial and error I discovered that skeining it with a niddy noddy and washing led to incredibly tangled skeins when I tried to later wind them into balls. I am not sure why, other than that the thread was so fine and the two strands would get wrapped funny. They also had a tendency to snap if pulled with any degree of force.

What actaually ended up working best* was to wind directly into a center pull ball from the unraveling sweater. Then I twisted 4 strands (2 from each end of the ball) in the S direction. This was rewound into a center pull ball and then plyed in the Z direction onto itself. The important part of this was to hold the tension to smooth out the "crimpiness" of the thread. Only after it had been plied, did I wind it onto a pvc niddy noddy and steam it to remove the crimp.

Below is the finished result with a strand of the starting material for reference. The final yarn is about sock weight and feels pleasant in your hand. I have just over 300 yards of the finished yarn and a bunch of the skeined thread (which I am not sure if I am brave enough to try again right now), but I am not sure what I will do with it. Originally I thought to dye the cream, but I don't want to until I pick a project.
pictures )

*I also tried plying 8 strands in the Z direction at once, but I was unhappy with the result. Not only was it unbalanced but the strands separated very easily.


Mar. 8th, 2006 11:42 am
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I started on the huge bag of roving the wheel seller included. Baaaa, sheepy! There is much more lanolin than in the wool I was spinning before, which actually made it significantly harder to spin at times. I got a lot more of a "thick and thin" consistency due to the way it would draft, even when I tried pre-drafting first. I am much less happy with how it spun up than the other stuff. We will see how it looks after I ply it. On the plus side though, my hands are so soft. Who needs stinking hand lotion?
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So my spinning wheel arrived on wednesday, although I didn't get to put it together until thursday. It is beautiful, but we had a few problems with it. After an appointment made with Lucy at Mind's Eye, I now have a beautifully running wheel. It needed much oil, realigning, and eventually the leather flexible joint to be replaced. I spun 2 bobbins of corriedale wool tonight, and if I get motivated will take pictures later after I dye it (undecided on method/color). The first bobbin seems slightly underspun, but I am fairly pleased by how much more even it looks.
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Olympic_socksFor those who aren't thouroughly sick of the topic (and even for those who have), I finished my olympic project earlier last week. Pictures of them on Tab had to wair until she returned from visiting extended family.

Things I learned:
1. 2 socks on 2 circulars/simultaneous socks rock my world! I am all about the "instant" gratification of having both socks done at once.
2. I knit faster than I think I do. I probably could have finished a second pair of socks. As it was Roger was happy that I made significant progress on his sweater.
3. I would probably do this again. It was a lot of fun both doing it myself and watching other people's progress.
4. My daughter really does have rabbit feet. I fear this will get worse before it gets better.
5. Socks make great bus projects.
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[ profile] blackrayne got me thinking about what I want to make (knitting wise). Since I am trying to use up my stash this means finding ideas for the stuff I already have. Here are my thoughts so far:
a pair of socks for my nephew in leftover Lion Brand "purple" Magic Stripes
a pair of socks for Tab in red Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino
raglan cardigan for Roger on Rowan "Calm" Calmer - over 30% done currently
a shawl (possibly this one?) for myself in a hand painted blue/purple/green lace weight
catnip mice (from SnBN) in scrap Caron Simply Soft- I also already have the catnip, which my I bought at Incantations
Caplet in cream Caron Simply Soft - So very cute! And it would look great in the spring when I switch over to sleeve-less dresses.
shopping bags in some stash cotton - I have wanted to make these for a while, and will definately want them before the Farmer's Market opens back up.
Kiri shawl in superfine black mohair

Other items I am playing with the idea of making in general:
Celtic Braid square for BPAL afghan (via [ profile] blackrayne)
something with this fern pattern
a womb
a DNA molecule
a DNA scarf
Coronet (cabled hat)
stripey thigh highs
Samus sweater for myself
Tempting as a sweater for my sister or myself
Tubey ditto
Jaywalkers Socks
essential stripe
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Arg! I finished the short row heels today and was just starting the ankle on a pair of toe-up socks for my daughter, when she came home from visiting her grandmother. (I know, the nerve of not being my personal KO model at all times.) Rabbit footed child! They are of course too short. Now I need to go frog back until before the short rows. On a more positive note, at least I will have had more practice at neat short rows...

Cross-posted here to [ profile] knit_olympics
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Arg going crazy with no knitting! I actually had a woman ask me at church if I knit, because sometimes the sermons get dry and it can be helpful to have your hands busy. I don't know what sort of on-edge nervous lunatic I looked like. MUST KNIT SOON. For some reason I was convinced the torch was to be lit in Torino tomorrow. Nope 4 extra days of waiting to cast on...

So I knit a gauge square for this sweater (only Roger wants it as a cardigan) in Rowan Calmer (in calm no less). It seemed auspicious. You heard me; I love this boy so much I would let him have the project made with my 10 skein stash of Rowan. That is love, people.

I also added the below Knitting Olympic buttons to my profile page for the next 2.5 weeks or so:
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knitting stuff )
I think I am for the most part ready.
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My original plan was to knit both socks simultaneously toe up from opposite ends of the ball so I could basically go until I got to the center of the yarn. Suddenly while lying in bed I realized that if I did this method that the patterns would be going different directions (as in this picture of someone else's socks). Damn you self patterning yarn!

Solution: Assuming a constant linear density (you know this is going badly when it starts like this) I pulled out the center of the ball (which includes the inner end) and used a scale to get 2 roughly equal weight sections. The whole ball weighed 105.4g which amused me from a QA perspective since in order to claim to be 100g they needed most balls to fall over that part of the confidence interval. I just hadn't thought about it previously.

Anyways so I now have 2 sections of yarn, one which weighs slightly more so they can start at the same point in the pattern. Then I have to take the inner section, which at this point looks like a yarn monster's guts and wind it into a ball careful to wind it so that the original yarn end is in the center so as not to lose the correct direction of the yarn pattern.

Whew! Now on to the gauge square.
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I bought this yarn in red wine to make gauntlets/fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. Now the only problem is to find a pattern that will do this yarn justice.
  1. This pattern is attractive and as an added bonus I know all of the skills to make it already. I would make them not quite so long though.
  2. I have absolutely no idea as to relative period authenticity or lack there of, but this pair made me think of [ profile] tpau.
  3. I liked this cabled pair (pdf), but I haven't done cabling before. That is not to say that I couldn't learn; I just might need a practice piece first.
  4. Knitty's Voodoo wristwarmers are not thrilling me, but would be easy.
  5. For reference this is a little too cabley and the lack of thumb does not thrill me (though that last could be altered).
I am leaning towards something with an actual thumb rather than a slit for your thumb. I don't mind paying for a pattern/book of patterns, but would have to love them to do so. The third pair pair is about the aceptable level of "cabliness" as I care to go. (The first pattern is not true cabling, but has a similar type of effect.) Any thoughts? I am feeling indecisive and would appreciate commentary.

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I did my first run of bath bombs this evening using these instructions pretty much exactly as given.
more on this for anyone who cares )
So bath bombs are drying on cookie sheets now. Hopefully they should be dry enough by saturday so that I can try one this weekend.
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So no, I did not end up doing any shopping on black friday, but I did have a great time! Tab's dad picked her up in the morning, and then I spent the day in with my mom. We ate turkey soup and watched movies. My sister had the extended versions of the LoTR trilogy, so we stuck them in and just did that all day. Let me tell you, you can get a lot of lace knitting done with movies that long. Other than one brief attempt at lace knitting (a single lace cable on a 12X12" stockinette afhgan square) this is my first major project with the technique. My black lace scarf I have been working on is about 18" long now. You can see definite improvement along the length, but you tell blocking will make the (mostly minor) mistakes disappear. I don't think I will have much more time for it until after finals though.


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