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Last night after Tab went to bed, Roger and I did a bunch of work getting ready to make the curtains. Have I mentioned how much this man thrills me recently? He laid out our plans in Pro-E so we could adjust them as we discussed different options. And he even lets me pick my prefferred working length units. (Centimeters for this project if you are wondering.) Yup he loves me.

Considering the necessary outer dimensions, width limitations on the fabric, and how much we had of each color/type we finalized our layout. Most of the front panel pieces are cut, so we should start piecing it together tonight. Even knowing the dimensions in advance the sheer yardage of fabric feels enormous (7 yd fleece, 2.25 yd primary color, 2 yd secondary color, 1.5 yd tertiary color, 4.6 yd backing but we will need more of the last). It is a good thing we have so much empty space in the livingroom. We needed it as layout space. I am getting really excited about this project now.
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Rainy weekends are fabulous times to get a bunch of crafty stuff done. Friday [ profile] mytheria came to do crafty stuff, and I managed to get a bunch done on that seed stitch bag I was working on a while back. The body has been done for weeks, but I don't like bringing i-cord on the bus, so it has been neglected. Well I finished one handle, attached it and started on the other. That just leaves the rest of that handle and the edge of the opening to go.

Saturday morning I woke up to the heat turning on. The heat stays at its lowest setting, but early on saturday I heard the distinctive soft hiss of it starting up. In a fit of productivity we started to get ready for the cold by working on energy saving projects. Using some stale rice we had around and some scrap fabric from my stash we made draft stoppers for the doors (the laundry room in particular is not heated but the door opens up into the middle of the living space). We also laid out and did some fabric calcualtions for the curtains I am planning.

We went fabric shopping to finish the curtains I had started a while back on sunday. The idea is that they will be insulated curtains, basically "window tapestries" according to Roger. Due to the fact that fleece was on sale, we ended up getting that for the central insulating layer (cheaper than both the rolls of poly fill which I am not a fan of and the cotton batting, which was additionally thinner). Unfortunately the backing material for them did not come on a wide enough role, and the only stuff that was wide enough was exponentially more expensive and uglier.

Also this weekend I made up a pattern for slippers for Tab. She needs them for daycare to keep her socks cleaner and feet warmer since they remove their shoes at the door. Only when I started googling knitted slipper patterns, all I could find were incredibly ugly ones. So what I made was basically a variation of a socklet. They are so cute! She chose this baby blue soft acrylic from my stash though, and they look disturbingly like baby booties when she isn't wearing them. When they are on they look sort of ballet-shoe-like. Pictures may be posted later after I finish binding off the second one.


May. 25th, 2005 03:14 pm
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Last night we worked on [ profile] missamay's costume for her game this weekend. After much painting and sewing it is starting to look great. (The human head is a mighty annoying thing to try to fit.) We still need to paint the head since we ran out of time last night though.I am already thinking of new clothing ideas etc to work on it later.
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My father is known for his phenomenally bad choices in gifts. Yes I know, it is the thought that matters. His choices tend to show that he has little to no idea about our (my sister's and my) interests or likes and dislikes though. An example of this would be a gift my sister received this past year. It was a "sew easy" Hello Kitty fringe quilt. On the plus side she does indeed enjoy sewing and quilting. On the negative side though, she is a very accomplished seamstress and tends to make heirloom quality quilts. So she had no interest in this project at all.

In this case my dad's lack of insight in our dislikes ended up paying off. A friend of mine is a preschool teacher in Roxbury, and they are always in need for the basics. We have donated everything from movies (for the class room) to coats. Actually warm coats, shoes and blankets are always needed for recess and nap time respectively. A lot of the kids just don't have these basics to bring to school (or at least warm enough ones).

So I spent an evening and an afternoon putting this foolish kit together into two good sized nap-time blankets (instead of one queen sized one). Not only do I feel like I have done a good thing, but you can definitely see some improvement in my sewing machine skills as I went a long. (I have always been more of a hand sewing sort of person and had only rudimentary sewing machine skills.)
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Tab and I spent a really nice afternoon with [ profile] missamay. We worked on her computer, played with the kitties and had a some good chinese and sushi at a nearby restaurant. In all the fun I completely forgot that I needed to go back to the house to bring my mom some of the cookies Tab and I made yesterday (strawberry thumbprint) and some more laundry. Oh well, at least the new washer is supposed to be her by friday.

In the meantime the general lack of clean laundry encouraged me to do some hemming that has been sorely neglected. With Roger's help I got through 2 pairs relatively quickly. Can anyone tell me who has legs this long though? Granted I am no giant, but still... One pair I had to hem 6"! They fit really well otherwise though. They running joke is that I can make a coordinated purse with the remaining material... I wish that wasn't true.


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