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Electronic Monopoly (UK publication) just makes me mad. Parker Brothers has teamed up with Visa for a new version of the game sans paper money, just debit cards and a card reader. First of all you lose the simple joy of the brightly colored cash accumulating. (Was my sister one of the few who would trade her moeny in for small bills just to watch it pile up more?) Sure lets give in to the people who find physical money "baffling and insecure". What about all of the really good math skills this game used to encourage in children? Sure you will still have the cut throat negotiations and the brutal lessons in capitalism, but this removes the part that actually made people use that basic math. This just seems part of a adisturbing trend where people are expected not to know how to balance a checkbook or calculate the tip for dinner.
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So I survived finals. I am not thrilled, but it is over one way or another. We will see. As a result I took today as a day for myself. It was really, really nice. I didn't get to sleep in since Roger has taken to getting up early. Still I did some frivolous things like play Runescape this morning. I did some of the laundry that has been piling up. Then I went to the community garden and did some reading. It was so amazingly beautiful out. I even managed to release a book while I was there. There was some time left so I headed downtown and did some further reading near the commons in a sunny corner of the Bagel Plus Café until I had to go meet Roger.

On a less pleasant note I also found out that the weekend of the Pride parade is one of my dearest friend's graduation parties. And unfortunately he is out in NY (the state not the city) so it really isn't plausible to do both. So now I am really torn between conflicting desires. We will see I guess.
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I took a walk down memory lane today when I rediscovered Mickey's Space Adventures (which can be downloaded here). I loved this game! I hadn't thought of it for years until I stumbled across it today. Then it made me want to find Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood. This was my very favorite game when I was little. For years I dreamed about finding a version I could run on an emulator, and today I found it. I am so excited I can barely contain myself, but I can't allow myself to play before the end of the semester... must get real work done first...


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