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Does anyone have any interest in going to see Draco and the Malfoys, and Harry and the Potters friday? They will be in Harvard Square, and the event is free. More info can be found here.

Last Week

Oct. 23rd, 2006 02:06 pm
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Last week was sort of uneventful for the most part, as I had been taking it a bit slow. I did mention to get 2 things done in particular though.

I stopped by Tab's school to get some contact information and got grabbed to help out with their school bank. The kids can deposit or withdraw money once a week, and it was the sign up date for the first graders, so they needed some extra help. Kuddos to the PTO people. It was insane. Over $2500 was deposited alone, and all of the numbers had to be checked and double checked before it was over. I can't imagine doing it on a regular basis.

Another highlight was that I dragged myself to Choir rehearsal for the first time in ages. I had forgotten how good I feel after I go. In addition to the normal pieces that we are doing for services, we are working on several pieces from Mozart's Requiem. I love these pieces so much! Between the instrumental and vocal parts, the music is sounded phenomenal.

Avenue Q

Feb. 27th, 2006 01:57 pm
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So after talking to my sister about various shows she has seen lately, I really want to see Avenue Q. Would anyone else be up for going?
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On the recommendation of [ profile] anotherjen Tab and I decided last minute to see Billy Jonas. We were one of the last few to get tickets before they sold out that show. He does a really good show, and we had a blast! Unlike most family/children's music I found that I could genuinely enjoy it. The tunes and rythms are catchy, and the subject matter can lead to some great conversation. Tab got the What Kind of Cat Are You? CD and has been listening to it on repeat since.

A cappella

Jun. 8th, 2005 10:56 pm
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I spent the evening belatedly celebrating my sisters birthday. We did dinner and went to Acapella Fest, a local a cappella concert. Hyannis Sound was there as usual, along with The Cape Cod Surftones and a less formal group called "Men in Harmony" or some such.

I was very glad to see Hyannis Sound, if only to catch up with so many familiar faces. My sister and I have so many friends and memories from the local vocal music community, this was a wonderful way to spend some time together and jointly celebrate our close birthdays. We even saw a friend from high school, Rob who is a new member (a big congratulations to him). In getting the new CDs that I was lacking I realized that I am old school to them. (The guy who sold me the CDs didn't know the names of my favorite albums or what they looked like since he had never seen them.) All of the people I first knew from the group when I discovered them 6 years ago have moved on though. All the faces look so new and young now. They still have incredible music thoughm and many of their alumni write their current music still. I would love to hire this group to do my wedding someday.

Of the CDs they have put out I am only missing 2 ("Annual Bootleg Volume 1" because they sold out of them before I could get it, "Aged 10 Years" because it was just a remastered version of old stuff, oh and "Route 6" which comes out on the 20th so doesn't really count). My favorite song to date was released in 1999 on the "On The Beach" album: Heaven On Their Minds. I love this musical, but that version of the song is by far the best I have ever heard. It literally gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

I picked up "Annual Bootleg Volume 2" and "Cape Standard Time" so if I can convince [ profile] kracktek to get me some speakers (hint, hint) then I will be listening to them a bunch the next couple of days.
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Somehow I managed to get triple booked last night. The graduate student BBQ was running all evening. A coworker of Roger's was going to have some of her band's music played at the B&D Ball at Manray. Unfortunately I was able to go to neither of these since I had already made plans months ago to Ani.

I went to the Ani show with some friends from high school that I have stayed close with. Fortunately the Orpheum Theatre is small enough that there really aren't any terrible seats. My friend J. and I were up pretty high due to when we got our tickers. The show was pretty good. I had a good time, but wish she had done a little less from the newest album, simply because I am not really that familiar with it. Over the course of 2 hours she played a grand total of 2 songs that I recognized. Other than that though the energy was great and I had a good time. I was really starting to drag by the end of the evening though; I am getting old. I got home a little past midnight and just collapsed into bed. And you wonder why I never get out...
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The Beezlebubs, one of the Tufts University acapella groups, are having a concert today and tomorrow. There will also be 3 other local acapella groups including the MIT Muses. Cost is $6 at the door. Further information is available below. Let me know if anyone else is interested in going.

Winter Show
Goddard Chapel, Tufts University
Thursday, December 9, 9:30 PM &
Friday, December 10, 7:00 PM


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