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Autumn is just about to begin, and I find I have been quiet for the summer. Mostly there was a lot of psyche recovery. It had been a hard year in many ways, and I am nervous about my last semester that I have just entered. So there was a lot of recharging and storing up spoons for the months to come. I wanted to share a few highlights though:

* slept a lot and recovered
* Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum with my mom and Chiquita
* visited NB and the Bay of Fundy with [ profile] majes
* hiked Welsh Dickey with [ profile] curly_chick and company

* mural painting
* my birthday!
* mini vacation with [ profile] salvbard

* camping with [ profile] majes
* helped organize lovely birthday things for [ profile] curly_chick
* went to London and visited [ profile] jasra
* went to Virginia and visited [ profile] quietdeath
* refinanced the house

* helped host the Malden party
* professional conference
* started moving forward with a few personal opportunities
* informational interview in the manufacturing sector

* 25th anniversary IgNoble ceremony with Chiquita
* Mt Auburn cemetery with my mom


Nov. 21st, 2010 08:23 am
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Yesterday [ profile] salvbard, Chiquita and I went to the MFA with [ profile] sweet_fallacy since they had opened their doors free to the public in honor of the new Art of the Americas wing.

I am a huge fan of the museum although I don't tend to go as often as I probably should considering I can get in with my school ID. Either way, I do get in there often enough to know my way around for the most part.

[ profile] salvbard wanted specifically to get to visit the new wing so we started there. I was actually pretty disappointed by the very limited amount of indiginous art there. It was heavily euro-centric even more than I thought it would be.

Chiquita and I had some really good art discussion on the "modern" art floor of the American wing though. And she was very taken by the flower pieces by Georgia O'Keefe, not just by the subject matter but also how they were done.

My favorite exhibit was one I wasn't aware of, we just stumbled across it. It was called Fresh Ink, and it was a collection of mostly Chinese-born (and one first generation Chinese American) artists whose works take a fresh look using traditional styles and techniques as a starting place.

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