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Thank you to everyone who helped in any aspect of the wedding reception for [ profile] cintyber and C (seriously need an online pseudonym for him still). We could not have done it without a ton of help from all of our friends. At the risk of not mentioning everyone, I did want to take a moment for a few shout-outs to the people who worked most closely with me.

I had a ton of help from Lauren, [ profile] jasra, and [ profile] majes doing food prep. Not only did you all make very tasty food, but you made sure it was beautiful as well.

[ profile] salvbard was, as always, my back-up man. He is a powerhouse, and after we ate every time I turned around he was out back in the kitchens facilitating just about anything that I thought of that needed doing.

[ profile] deguspice and [ profile] quietann were amazing with general breakdown including but not limited to hauling the rented dishes and tables back for us. I have no idea how we would have gotten everything back safely without your efforts!

Cat, [ profile] crazybone, [ profile] dancer, [ profile] deadwinter and [ profile] tk7602 were my fabulous clean up crew in the kitchens. I heard that [ profile] shayde was super happy with how we left the space, and there is no way I would have had enough energy nor have finished in anywhere as timely a period if not for all of your hard work.

Throughout it all I was just so struck by the love and support there was as a community for these two people who are so central in my life. We are truly blessed to have you all, both those who we were able to have celebrate with us and those who we unfortunately could not. Thank you to all of you as well.
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Just as an FYI I have actually started posting the occasional post on my wedding filter (opt in here). If you think you are on it, you should see a post today among others.
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For those who are interested (in knitting or wedding stuff) I finished my wedding shawl. You can click on the images to embiggen them.
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Ok, so we are at the hotel. Heather and I stayed last night. I am taking a brief break from preparations. This morning I was forced to break down and eat the emergency saltines in my purse. (Do other parents pack those too?) So hungry. People are beginning to show up, but so far there has been no food. Hopefully it will come before they start hair and makeup.
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9 days until the shower
1 day past rsvp date
10 nos
21 yeses (including organizers)
21 people I have not heard from yet

This weekend I need to get decorations, make door prize numbers, and buy door prizes. Also I need to finalize the menu and numbers with our venue. (Which makes me wish we had gotten more responses!)
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13 days until the bridal shower
7 negatives
17 positives
28 'no reply yet's


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