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More tomato processing occurred tonight. Roger refers to it as "industrial tomato"; it is that point where tomatos stop even seeming like food. We processed about 35 pound on saturday/sunday in the forms of salsa, tomato sauce and pre-ketchup. (Tab thinks it is really cool that we are making tomato ketchup and apparently been telling her friends at school.) Tonight we started cooking down more tomato for sauce.

Last time we did sauce we did it the super labor intensive way: blanching and peeling each tomato before peeling, seeding, and chopping. This year, on the advice of Misty from GFL we bought a food mill, and I am ready not to look back. (Well we did the blaching method for the salsa since I wanted chunks of tomato.) Our process is to cut the tomatos up into rough chunks, toss in the food processor, and then food mill the resulting pulp. The food mill leaves a nice puree, while preventing the skin and seeds from going through. Score!

For the CSA canning class I want to teach on saturday we were given about 150 lbs of tomato, and most of them will need processing to some extent before saturday. Guess what we are doing this week?
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I *love* pickled beets. No idea why, but it is absolutely true. So I was really disappointed when I found out that we probably won't be getting any in our CSA share. Not to be disuaded, I picked up a couple bunches at the farmer's market this week. Since we were doing a bunch of other canning anyways this weekend, I definately wanted to can some of these as well.
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CSA Week ?

Aug. 4th, 2006 10:11 am
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I have totally lost track of which week we are on. I worked on the farm a bit yesterday despite the heat. It was bittersweet knowing that I would be gone the next month. I had been helping to organize some work events that I will not be able to attend, but someone else has promised to make sure that they still happen.

    This weeks pickup included:
  • ~lb of basil
  • cherry tomatoes - sungolds, black cherries and some traditional reds
  • bunch of carrots
  • summer squash
  • romaine lettuce
  • green leaf lettuce
  • bell peppers - green and purple
  • hot peppers - assorted
  • green beans - snap beans and french beans
  • radishes

I tried to select stuff that we could store or bring with us easily. I plan on bringing the tomatos, pepper strips and carrot sticks in the car. I canned green beans and chili peppers before we left. And the basil we chopped and froze in icecube trays by pouring water over them. This allows you to pop the resulting cubes in a ziplock bag for convienent basil all year round.
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I am feeling pretty awful tonight, so I am still up. As a result we now have 2 batches of strawberry jam (5 12-oz jars each). All this only used about a third of the strawberries we have. The rest are going in the fridge for now, because I think I am done for one evening. I will go lie down for a while once the second batch gets out of the water bath to cool.
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Success! Pressure canner has exchanged hands and is slowly warming up in our kitchen. It needs a good cleaning, but looks to be complete. Kim said that she had used it for making beer (though not actually canning) and that it was able to come up to pressure fine. I have already informed my family that I want mason jars for my birthday. Squee!


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