Nov. 21st, 2010 08:23 am
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Yesterday [ profile] salvbard, Chiquita and I went to the MFA with [ profile] sweet_fallacy since they had opened their doors free to the public in honor of the new Art of the Americas wing.

I am a huge fan of the museum although I don't tend to go as often as I probably should considering I can get in with my school ID. Either way, I do get in there often enough to know my way around for the most part.

[ profile] salvbard wanted specifically to get to visit the new wing so we started there. I was actually pretty disappointed by the very limited amount of indiginous art there. It was heavily euro-centric even more than I thought it would be.

Chiquita and I had some really good art discussion on the "modern" art floor of the American wing though. And she was very taken by the flower pieces by Georgia O'Keefe, not just by the subject matter but also how they were done.

My favorite exhibit was one I wasn't aware of, we just stumbled across it. It was called Fresh Ink, and it was a collection of mostly Chinese-born (and one first generation Chinese American) artists whose works take a fresh look using traditional styles and techniques as a starting place.

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Does anyone have any interest in going to see Draco and the Malfoys, and Harry and the Potters friday? They will be in Harvard Square, and the event is free. More info can be found here.
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We got a new blender this weekend since Roger broke the pitcher part of the last one. (If anyone wants the old one it is in good working order and just needs a $25 replacement part.) This allows me to continue the sneaky mom tricks.

Although Tab likes spinach, she is convinced she doesn't like any other greens. Blending them in some liquid and adding them to spaghetti sauce however causes no complaints.
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I am also listing these on freecycle, so please let me know asap if you want them.

Kiwi Leather polish applicator
new in package, I already have one

Small reptile hide that looks like a stump
new condition no tags, this was too small for our lizard

Size 6W Motorcycle boots
"Authentic Rev Gear"
never worn as far as I know

"Mighty Bright" clip-on reader's light
comes with ac/dc adapter & replacement bulbs
new in box, but box is partially crushed
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Once more I am clearing out stuff. Here are several food/cookbooks that need new homes. If you are in the area you can pick them up. If you are not then please request them on Bookmooch or be willing to send me stamps etc to cover postage. Preference will be given to books that are mooched, second to these who comment first.

Gardencuisine: Heal Yourself and the Planet Through Low-Fat Meatless Eating by Paul Wenner
The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver
The fish-lovers' cookbook: More than 300 Kitchen-tested recipes Sheryl London

And some food books that are not cookbooks:
Guide to Wine (Drinks Books)
What's Brewing in New England: A Guide to Brewpubs and Microbreweries Kate Cone


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