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So as of today it has been a year since I started gaming within [ profile] majes's world of Krayzen. For the most part we have managed to have a weekly game, with relatively few exceptions. And I have sort of come to love the energy of spirit of Chloe and her compatriots, especially when they manage to surprise me which is more often than you would think.

Especially fantastic in all of this was the wiki [ profile] jasra keeps running and refining. It has been an invaluable reference, and I often experience a bit of befuddlement that they would let me help work on it too. It has been fantastic to get to play with worlds and flesh out the connective bits between the rich material in there.

A completely unexpected plus to regularly playing in this world is the fabulous discussion of mechanics and hearing the storytelling by [ profile] majes about various parts of history of the world while we hike or travel. He really is gifted, and I am always ready to relax back into his storytelling, with the occassional question or heated discussion thrown in.

So happy birthday Chloe, and thank you to the awesome group that I have played with this year! I feel really lucky that you all took me in, especially since it has been many many years since I have done a table top campaign.

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We had this week off from our weekly gaming group. I actually was a little bit glad because there was a major plot event that I needed a little extra time to process how to respond to. Apparently my subconscious is ready to jump back into it though, since I had a dream following my character this week. Miss you Chloe!

(By the way, if you are interested in reading about the exploits of Chloe Blue/my game notes you need to opt-in here.)

Since I last posted about gaming in general [ profile] dirac has joined us, and I have had a lot of fun interacting with his character, whom we have nicknamed Bubbles not-so-behind his back. (His character's race has a tendency towards very long many syllable names for his age group. You may have seen him referred to as "our Orem guard friend".) I am really glad to have the opportunity to get to hang out with him regularly, as that level of regular time would sadly be really hard for me to arrange for otherwise. Yay game!


Dec. 11th, 2011 07:30 pm
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This week we are having a return to gaming over in [ profile] majes's campaign. After a two week hiatus, I am anxious to start back. His world is incredibly rich and the system has a ton of depth. And I miss getting to learn about my character, Chloe Blue.

I hadn't been a part of a table top gaming group in a really long time. Combine that with working in a completely new system to me and the fact that I seem drawn by odd character classes (eg here an artisan, specifically a cartographer), and I admit that I was a little nervous about it. It has been an incredible outlet though, one of the few regular just-for-me things I have managed to do over the last few months.

I am thinking about posting my session notes, but I haven't made any decisions yet. If I do so, it will likely be tagged and possibly filtered. If you would be interested in Chloe's adventures let me know, as I suspect it will only be a very small group.

So we are on for this week (as long as all goes according to plan), off next week for Solstice and then back again after that.


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