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Yay my robots work again! Yesterday, not only did our Roomba stop working, but our Scooba refused to clean the entry way (which I am convinced has a smell even if no one else can smell it). The Roomba would have been a terminal "send back to manufacturer" problem if I didn't have Roger. As it was he took the case apart, removed the offending gear, and returned this evening with a new one. This means that the brushes will actually be able to work efficiently again and actually get dirt into the dirt bin. The Scooba had something wrong with the vacuum and made a weird squeaky noise. I have no idea what Roger did but now the entry way has been successfully mopped so I assume all is well again.


Jan. 1st, 2006 01:43 am
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In the past week I have managed to watch a ton of movies! (In general if you want to know if I have seen a movie the answer is no unless it is a children's movie... and even then...)

The Pacifier, RENT, March of the Penguins, The Fantastic Four, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Memoirs of a Geisha, Serenity )

Note: I am too cold to type more as this got longish and our heat seems to be out. I am going to crawl into bed where it is warmer.


Dec. 8th, 2005 01:07 pm
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[ profile] nanoedith mentioned in this post that "Greater Boston" (at 7 on channel 2 if you are in the Boston area) on WGBH will be doing an episode about iRobot tonight. Scooba was just released, though unless you ordered it directly from the website it will be a little bit more until you can actually get one.

Roger brought one home a little bit more than a week ago, and it was so cool! Granted I love our Roomba, but Scooba was able to get up a lot more up on the linoleum in the kitchen. It does not get all of the water in its final squeegee, but it only leaves behind a super thin layer that readily dries. I really like the smell of the cleaning solution too.

My only complaint about Scooba is that it is louder than Roomba, to the point where I would not actually want to be in the same room as it cleans. I guess this should encourage me to actually do other things while it is running rather than watch in fascination though. So neat! I definitely want to see about getting one of these when they are not so scarce.
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Hey look! My blurb about Scooba made Slashdot. Apparently I posted right after the preview was posted on the website, though I was not aware of the timing at first.

Also it has just hit mainstream media in this article and this msnbc one.


May. 23rd, 2005 05:37 pm
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iRobot just released their sneak preview of Scooba, Roomba's wet-cleaning sibling. I am so excited! Roger told me last week that they were going to release the preview and I have been anxiously awaiting being able to talk about it. Like all great projects, this one had a more fun name until it got an "official" brand name. To me this lovely little robot will always be Sponge Bob.

The demonstration video is pretty awful. (Colin looks really wooden; Greg is slightly better.) I am amused that they shot it right in the middle of the consumer division. The animation of the 4 cleaning steps is decent though. The way they have to stop the animation to fit in all they have to say about each step is slightly annoying though.

So yeah! It is really nice to see a new product out, especially with all the media Roomba has been getting (eg the Pink Ribbon Roomba on a recent episode of Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, "Woomba" skit on SNL, and possible Mr. and Mrs. Smith if it makes final cut).


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