Oh Oscar

Aug. 25th, 2010 09:56 am
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Seriously, he was always one of the best parts of Sesame Street. Why the heck does Elmo have such a big role now but not Oscar? And where the heck did Snuffleupagus go?


Mar. 15th, 2007 11:40 pm
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Do you all remember borrowing? You know, it is that thing where when you are subtracting 2 numbers and you sometimes need to "borrow" from the tens place for example if you don't have enough in the ones place. Well apparently they have re-dubbed this "regrouping". Sounds all fancy like doesn't it? What was wrong with borrowing?
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Electronic Monopoly (UK publication) just makes me mad. Parker Brothers has teamed up with Visa for a new version of the game sans paper money, just debit cards and a card reader. First of all you lose the simple joy of the brightly colored cash accumulating. (Was my sister one of the few who would trade her moeny in for small bills just to watch it pile up more?) Sure lets give in to the people who find physical money "baffling and insecure". What about all of the really good math skills this game used to encourage in children? Sure you will still have the cut throat negotiations and the brutal lessons in capitalism, but this removes the part that actually made people use that basic math. This just seems part of a adisturbing trend where people are expected not to know how to balance a checkbook or calculate the tip for dinner.

Field Day

Jun. 17th, 2006 02:29 pm
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Tab's school year is quickly wrapping up. She had her field day yesterday. (Her highlight of the day: "round" pizza rather than the rectangular pieces they usually have at school.) It has gone so fast! Tab loved her teacher, and we will miss her very much. I know you hear that sort of thing fairly often, but I don't know how else to express what a difference this teacher has made to Tab's first year in this school system. Although this was Ms.Z's first year solo teaching, she was absolutely incredible. She is the purveyor of everything that no child left behind should be, rather than what it is.

Getting Tab ready for field day also got me thinking about my memories of a similar time in my life. Hands down my favorite activity were these long ski like things made of 2X4s that had 4-6 rope straps on each one so that a team had to coordinate their moments to race to the finish line. Did anyone else have these? What memories about your field days when you were little do you still have?
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So despite the craziness of packing, my upcoming final and other research related stuff, Roger, Tab and I decided to go to [livejournal.com profile] sarah_barah's mustache party on Sunday. I am so glad we did! Good tiem had by all. We did get there a little late and ended up missing the section at the park, but all and all it was still worth the long ride.

So what is a mustache party you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone had to come with a mustache (bought, made, grown etc) to get in. Roger had brought milk to make one, but as we got there pretty late he ended up drinking it before final judging time. We made Tab's and mine out of sticky notes and pencils since most of my art supplies are currently packed. Tab won "best in category" and was supper excited. She spent the next 24 hours or so carrying the little notebook she won around everywhere, pulling markers out whenever she had a few spare moments (on the bus, train, in the kitchen waiting for lunch).

For the "grown ups" (yes that needs quotation marks; I am not quite ready to be considered one otherwise) there was a 4 way tie that was broken with a few rounds of tie-breaking Dr. Mario on original NES system, complete with the cartridges you have to blow into the clear the dust off the contacts. With all the stuff we would do to those systems to get them to read a cartridge it is amazing that you can still find systems that work. Maybe they just built them more ruggedly back then.
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I took a walk down memory lane today when I rediscovered Mickey's Space Adventures (which can be downloaded here). I loved this game! I hadn't thought of it for years until I stumbled across it today. Then it made me want to find Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood. This was my very favorite game when I was little. For years I dreamed about finding a version I could run on an emulator, and today I found it. I am so excited I can barely contain myself, but I can't allow myself to play before the end of the semester... must get real work done first...
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When I was filing some bills last night, I went through my files to clean out obsolete materials. I was quite delighted to find my stash of old sheet music (from 8 years of chorus, 3 years of SEMSBAs, and church choir). I hadn't thought of some of these songs in years. Now I want to find a piano (I think there is one in the Adekman Building that students can use) to play out the parts. The funny thing about this find is that I was just thinking about how much I missed singing regularly with a group because of a recent post by [livejournal.com profile] queenofhalves.
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I just finished The Notebook on the way to school this morning. The review I will leave for a BXing entry, but it got me thinking about the one major piece of advice my mother ever gave me: always save your love letters. This is one of the things that she regrets most at this point in her life, that she didn't.

This book got me to re-thinking about this issue. Though not many in number, I think that all of the love letters I have ever received in my life have been via e-mail. (What that says about the people that I date, I will leave to you to think about.) Now I am feeling like I should print them to keep a hard copy, just in case though. Sitting here I find myself rereading and remembering.

My mother's advice seems particularly important as I sit here. There are mostly letters from people whom I am no longer seeing. These are the letters most in danger. If I wasn't to think about it that much I would think "why not just erase/throw them away?" But with that advice in mind as I reread them I feel softer, remembering feelings and small kindnesses. Especially in one relationship in particular for which I still hold a lot of anger and disappointment, I am remembering the small redeeming things. I think they actually might help to heal a place that I was not aware that needed healing.


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