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It has been a tough 9 days. I am very glad to have C coming home from the hospital today. The doctor was apparently fairly surprised by the request to go home considering they haven't really fixed the problem, but it seems like they have exhausted their ideas other than pain medication. And being home I think will be better for his psyche. So I look forward to seeing if any of the altrnative therapies work any better.

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May. 14th, 2007 03:31 pm
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So I know I haven't written much about the trip. I will make an effort this week. I am waiting for Roger to post some more pictures on his photo blog, so I can point in that direction at the same time.

One interesting development was in regards to high fructose corn syrup, (which coincidentally [ profile] inhumandecency posted about recently as well). Some of you may be aware that I have been suffering from headaches, which for the most part I only noticed if I had had candy or soda beforehand. Since those were pretty much the only places I have significant refined sugar, I sort of just took at as I sign that I should avoid such.

When we were in Hong Kong though, I said to Roger that you think I would learn. It hurts when I have these things. Yet every once in a while it seems like a good idea anyways. When we arrived in Europe he suggested that I try the soda there, since apparently it is sweetened with cane sugar rather than corn syrup. Miracles of miracles, no headaches! I totally overindulged, but it was so novel to be able to have soda without suffering horribly. I am not sure of the reason exactly why my body would respond that way, but at least I know what to avoid now.
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I was debating about posting about this, but I think I am going to totally take [ profile] mizarchivist's lead here.

Yesterday I went in and had a tetanus booster done. While I was there I talked to the doctor, and they asked about the HPV vaccine. I am of the "proper" age group, and apparently my last pap was just before they were giving it out or they would have mentioned it then.

As someone who has had an abnormal pap in the past, I hadn't honestly considered myself a candidate. Damage already done right? Nope, the HPV vaccine protects against 4 different strains, so even if you have had an abnormal pap chances are they will help with 1-3 strains you haven't been exposed to. Just something to think about.

Having said that, I don't know that getting both shots in the same day was a terribly good idea. (Did you know that a tetanus shot isn't a vaccine? It is serum with tetanus antibodies.) I was cold, achy, deeply fatigued and running a slight fever. Plus for added fun I had an immediate skin reaction at the injection site for the HPV vaccine. Anyone else had this? But I am happy that I did it. Now I just need to schedule the other 2 does of the HPV shots.
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Did you all miss me? Life is so crazy and I have been miserably sick. I have great hopes for this week though, because I need something concrete to offer workwise.

I have been super tired and miserable. I am unsure if it a combination of allergies and a cold, or if this is just the worst season for mold in a long time. The mold counts have been high for the last 50 days. I think it is just severely depressing my immune system. I have never really taken allergy meds on a regular basis, but I am starting to consider it.
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Browsing the internet I ran across this MSN/NBC article (yeah, yeah I know) that was interesting to me. It is about sodium intake, which normally is a pet subject of mine. Salty things are really salty to me and tend to make me flush. According to Fitday, even with all of the crap and processed food I am eating out here, I am still only averaging ~1800 mg a day. Although supposedly you should stay under 2300 mg, most americans get 4-6000mg a day.

Ok so none of that is new. But what was particularly interesting to me, and I hadn't thought about before, was that calcium and sodium are very similar chemically. After all they are right beneath the other in the periodic table, so they are sort of like chemical siblings. One effect of that is that when you increase sodium (in this case from salt) then when your body flushes it out, it also can flush significant amounts of calcium.

With all of the people worried about their bone density, why isn't this expressed more? Heart health is important, but unless your blood pressure is high, most people don't really worry about salt intake. This seems like something that would make more people think about it.


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