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Whew that was quite the weekend!

Since Tab was off with her father for the funeral, that meant both Roger and I worked late on Friday. Aren't we exciting? Then we went home, made dinner, and cleaned the house. *sigh* I feel old.

Saturday was full though. Roger went back to work while I was out and about. I went over to Harvard and knit for a while at the local Knit in Public event. This meant that I got to meet Guido from It's a Purl Man. He was really impressed by 's gloves, which are now almost complete. I just need to do the fingers and weave in all the *&%$! ends.

After that I went off to the Pride festival, which was very wet. I had considered not going, but how could I let [ profile] bryttan down? I got a few comments on my diversity umbrella, which always makes me laugh, because it is just my regular umbrella. It is not trying to make a statement. While I was there I thought I would release 2 themed books, but it was so wet that I could not do so. I will probably release them later this week instead. Once the parade was over I ran off with [ profile] thanos73 to go make the Spanikopita for a party he was hosting.

Sunday was a little slower. Roger slept in while I went to church. I picked up the music for a wedding that I am planning to sing at, which gives me slightly less than a month to learn it. Then I got a gift for the birthday party Tab was going to and wrapped it at home. We got Tab, dropped her off at the party, and went to Costco. I have my own card now! I wanted to get to the SnB in Ball Square, but due to a series of slow bus connections we got too late. Tab had come with me to knit too, so we were both disappointed. We will try again another time.

This week is the last full week of classes so it is really full too.
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There was just a post in [ profile] 20sknitters that The Network/La Red is putting a call out for yarn crafty types (knitting or crochet) to make 7"X7" squares that will be made into a quilt and auctioned off. This is an organization that I care about and would love to spread the word further. If you have interest in participating please see the original post and/or contact Opn at OpnHeartd at hotmail dot com. Alternatively if you guys would rather get them to me I will pass them on. Thanks guys!
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    I have been working on a spreadsheet that Roger gave me that will eventually go to [ profile] buxom_bey. The things that have struck me in this project:
  • The person who lists psychopharmacology as their treatment method but only works with children and adolescents scares me.
  • How can it be financially feasible to run a practice that only does grief/bereavement for adolescents? (I found 2 in MA just for this provider.) Isn't that too constricted a field?
  • It is interesting that HIV/AIDS is such a common thing that LMHC professions are listing as a subspecialty.
  • I think that the LMHC professions who deal with gay/lesbian concerns with children/adolescents are incredibly cool.

*update* Just finished. Woot!
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There is a very interesting, if a few days old article here about a Methuen, MA school that is allowing a transgender 4th grader to be treated as a boy, although biologically female. What strikes me most about this story is how easily the children seemed to have accepted all of this. The right-wing movements to "protect" our children from such ideas seem so silly when you think about the fact that often it is the parents who can't accept rather than the kids. I think it is wonderful how supportive the school system is being, though I have to wonder will they be allowed to do things like this in a few years? Is this a sign that things are getting better? or is this just the step before the conservative backlash?
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Thanks to [ profile] kyrene for posting a link to the following article:
Zero Tolerance


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