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By the time all is said and done, the Chiquita will have managed to go back-to-school shopping four times for this year. Crazy!

The first trip was arguably the least productive (supplies-wise at least) yet the most important. She went with some friends from the MoS summer photography class. Since this summer we have been developing her ability to get around on public transportation by herself, this was a huge independence milestone. The girls got there by themselves, got lunch, did some shopping and then each went home to their respective locations within the timeframe they had let their parental units know about. She came back glowing and self-confident.

The second trip was with me on Friday. This was sort of back-to-school shopping for both of us, as I am starting a more management-type position with the undergraduates and needed more professional stuff. I had front loaded my work-week, so I was able to take a half day with her. She delighted in the idea of lunch out in the city and shopping. We had lunch in Chinatown and then walked over to Downtown Crossing.

I teased her that she had run through all of my shopping energy after the first store, in which she made us do 3 separate trips each to the dressing rooms. She scoffed and suggested espresso. We managed to get through a couple more stores and to collect a good set of staple items each, and then we split up for different directions on the subway. It still seems a little odd that I can do that!

Saturday [ profile] jasra took her out for what Chiquita described as "girl time." In addition to shopping, they got their nails done, which she delighted in showing me. She was also quite pleased with her shopping finds, including (not to be discussed with boys clearly) undergarments. She was very pleased with this since her last trip was to be with her dad, and she was not going to go with him for that under any circumstances. In fact she may have done a horrified gasp and overly loud whispered warning when bras were even mentioned when her dad was in the house (not even the room).

So as mentioned, the final trip is going to be with her dad early this week. Between him having some weird ideas* about getting clothes for her and her self-consciousness, she will likely get most office supplies and maybe a few shirts and pairs of pants.

Fortunately she is quite happy with all the shopping opportunities. I am just grateful to have them spread around. I am not into the shopping thing. [ profile] jasra may be a saint to have managed four hours.

*Last year he decided that she had to get pants that were a several sizes too big so that she would grow into them. This is not a terrible idea at first, but at this point she is just about my height and unlike when she was in child sizes, the number value doesn't really tell you much about length. So despite her trying to explain to him, he bought her several pairs of pants she still can't wear. And given she may be just about done with growing, will be unlikely to be able to wear unless she suddenly gains a bunch of weight and hems them (where it is necessary and possible).

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Last week Chiquita had a week long set of photography classes at the Museum of Science. She actually has been fairly interested in photography for a number of years, and I have fond recollections of [ profile] salvbard and she sitting side by side, focused.

The beginning of the week did not get great reviews, which was a bit harder for me as I was still at Pennsic. She didn't like the icebreaker games, and felt like they didn't get through much material. I clearly have no idea who [ profile] majes was referring to that he felt she sounded like with her cries of "this feels like a waste of my time" as one of the worst judgements she could make of it.

She dismisses their attempts at drawing in the ideas of subatomic particles as explanation of what the light was doing. ("Well photons are the basis of the light you you for photography" I tried. "But I don't need to know about protons or neutrons. You need light for photography, that is all I need to know!")

They made pin hole cameras though, which she thought was pretty cool. And apparently she was fairly taken with an explanation of why a tree was like a pin hole camera, which she seemed to think was quite clever.

By the second day though she had made firmer friendships with the likely candidates I had heard about the day before. She made plans to hang out with her new friends outside of photography class and carried them out with our awareness. I was actually quite pleased by how good she was about keeping me in the loop about her plans and whereabouts so that I didn't worry.

There was good discussion about composition and the mathematical ratios that strike the eye as pleasing. I heard a lot of "did you know..." on the subjects of the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequences.

And the thing that I thought she would be interested in most was a big hit: the dark room. She may have already made some declarative statements on what she thought parts of the basement should be repurposed for. She also has some slightly untrue ideas about what we have at work for materials. But she will figure it out.

I had been wondering if she might have been happier in a more art centric program, but the whole experience seems to have gone over well in the end. I think we will likely be looking for another photography class for next year (possibly elsewhere just for variety).

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Dec. 11th, 2011 08:59 pm
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Yesterday [ profile] jasra, [ profile] ifuonlyknew, Chiquita, my sister, my neice/god-daughter (age 4) and I saw the Nutcracker with many thanks to [ profile] cintyber for getting us the amazing tickets and apologies to [ profile] dancer for missing her baby shower.

I had not been since I took Chiquita in the first grade. Six years later it was an on-going drama of whether or not she was going for months, as she kept flip-flopping on the issue. Ah, there is nothing quite like the fickle mind of a 12 year old. In the end she seemed fairly glad to go though, even if it seemed to mostly get to see her cousin there.

This was Miss L's first trip to see the Nutcracker, although she knows a former Boston Ballet Sugar Plum Fairy from her dance classes. Her excitement was so completely infectious. She was so caught up in it that she kept asking if it was night time outside. (The show was at 1pm, but much of the show takes place at night while Clara is dreaming after the Christmas party.) She was also literally bouncing in her seat as intermission came to a close and the curtain began to rise again.

Small wonder then that she passed out about 3/4 the way through during the Sugar Plum Fairy's solo. The theater was incredibly warm at that point, and my sister noted that that piece of music is on the cd of music she always plays the girls for nap-time. She was very sleepy as we got her limp noodle arms into her coat to leave the theater, but she still gave me a giant hug before we left the theater and thanked me for taking them to the show.

My sister wrote afterwords: "Watching the nutcracker through the expressions on the face of a child experiencing it for the first time... Priceless!! [Ms. L] hugged me on the way home and told me 'thanks mommy today was the best day of my entire life!!' ".

I am so grateful to have chances like this to get to see the world through her eyes. It makes something already magical, so much more so.
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More writing here on the home front. I know. I am terribly thrilling these days. Tab is down visiting my mom, so there is at least one less to keep entertained. In a phone call yesterday she told me she was building a fort, but was was having some problems with "the structural dynamics" (her words) and she had to go. I am not sure what sort of scale this project was, but hopefully my mom has it under control...


Mar. 19th, 2008 08:38 am
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We made bread pudding with some failed bread the beginning of this week. After explaining what we were going to do, Tab asked me what thickens chocolate pudding. I told her gelatin, which she then asked where it comes from. So I told her.

"That is disgusting... but delicious!"
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I am so glad that I surprised Tab by taking her sledding yesterday on the last of the decent snowy hills. Today the streets have become rivers of snow-melt. The ground is spongy with excess water, and I have all my windows open to air out the house.
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You know what I hate about boys. If you tell them not to do something then they immediately want to do that.
~the world according to Tab


Sep. 28th, 2007 03:37 pm
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Tab got her viola today, and she is super excited. Her grade is offered the chance to do strings, and she knew exactly what she wanted to play. (Why the viola specifically, I am not entirely sure.) It is so cool that she is so excited about it!
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Last night when Tab and I were walking home yesterday we had been fighting (more perhaps on this later), and I am sure neither one of us looked amused. We cut through the middle school parking lot, because that way is a little shorter. And of course Tab is angry at me so she is walking as slowly as she can and is a distance of at least 10 meters behind me. I had to stop periodically to wait for her to catch up to at least this distance.

So I was waiting near one of the corners of the building waiting for her to catch up, and this guy who seems to be a young teacher walks up to me and asks if everything is all right. Not wanting to look like some sort of abductor or something I say that, yes, we are fine. We had just had a fight.

Then he looks at me for a moment and gets all flustered before apologizing. Apparently he thought I was a student. Yes. At the middle school. :P
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For Saint Patrick's Day Tab's class did an exercise where they had to say if they found a 4 leaf clover what they would wish for and why. Here are her answers:

I would wish for "a lot of money for the poor". I would wish for this because "it would help them a lot." If my wish came true, I would feel "very happy." If I found another four leaf-clover, I would wish for "that no one had allergies."

It was really the last line that struck me. :)


Mar. 15th, 2007 11:40 pm
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Do you all remember borrowing? You know, it is that thing where when you are subtracting 2 numbers and you sometimes need to "borrow" from the tens place for example if you don't have enough in the ones place. Well apparently they have re-dubbed this "regrouping". Sounds all fancy like doesn't it? What was wrong with borrowing?
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Poor Tab, she came back from her dad's not feeling well. He claimed that she was fine now, but had been sick Friday night. Last night after she got home (~6:30) she went straight to bed without eating. Then this morning she asked if she could stay home.

She isn't one to abuse my trust when it comes to stuff like this, so I took it seriously. I reminded her she would miss art, and was that okay? She said yes. Poor thing is hot, and not able to eat much. She asked for grapes and water, but she really hasn't had much of either. She pretty much just got up to throw up and then collapsed back in bed asleep.

So needless to say I am not leaving the house today. I am somewhat sad to miss this week's seminar, as it is looked interesting. Ask some good questions for me [ profile] kracktek, and happy thoughts from everyone else for Tab would be appreciated.
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So this weekend we set Tab up with a new desktop. Previously she was running an ancient Mac laptop that pretty much could only do word processing. The new machine had an intact tower and was already installed with basic software. Roger just set her to work assembling the keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, tower and internet cable.

It was interesting to watch her puzzle it out. She has always been one to want to figure stuff out for herself, so we stepped back and let her figure out how the pieces went together. She knew we would help if she asked, but she didn't want to. So congratulations to her for figuring it out. (Next step we take one apart and let her see what each of the pieces do, but that can wait a bit.)

Her priorities once she set it up made me laugh.

1. Find Solitaire (yes she is running Windows for now)
2. Figure out how to change background
3. Open iTunes
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"Laugh as much as you want until my revenge comes.. which is right after I finish my milk." ~Tab

Ren Faires

Nov. 1st, 2006 09:48 pm
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Ren Faire Meme )

This weekend, Tab and I headed out to the NH Ren Faire (front page works, but other pages broken) with [ profile] allenswitch. And I have to ask, why do we bother with King Richard's? Needless to say we had lots of fun. Tab came home green (face paint) and with pirate treasure. It was cold and blustry, but my linen petticoat rocks. I was really tired by the end, but it was good to get out for a few hours. I am under some intense time pressure on my thesis, and things are getting more than a bit insane. If you don't hear much from me for a bit this is why.

Last Week

Oct. 23rd, 2006 02:06 pm
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Last week was sort of uneventful for the most part, as I had been taking it a bit slow. I did mention to get 2 things done in particular though.

I stopped by Tab's school to get some contact information and got grabbed to help out with their school bank. The kids can deposit or withdraw money once a week, and it was the sign up date for the first graders, so they needed some extra help. Kuddos to the PTO people. It was insane. Over $2500 was deposited alone, and all of the numbers had to be checked and double checked before it was over. I can't imagine doing it on a regular basis.

Another highlight was that I dragged myself to Choir rehearsal for the first time in ages. I had forgotten how good I feel after I go. In addition to the normal pieces that we are doing for services, we are working on several pieces from Mozart's Requiem. I love these pieces so much! Between the instrumental and vocal parts, the music is sounded phenomenal.
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I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head since getting back. I am afraid you will just have to bear with me, or at worst skim over the next few enteries.

Tab's first day of school was yesterday. Roger had asked her about if she was happy to be going back to our apartment after visiting with her grandmother for a month. She said, "Yes, I finally get to go home." It sort of makes me squee inside to know that a) she does consider this to be home and b) despite the fact (or maybe slightly because of) the expectations I have for her in terms of behavior and helping around the house, she is happy to return from my mom's rule-free house.

Everyone wanted to hear how her first day of school was. She said that it was good, but the teachers talked [at them] a lot. They explained what was going to be the normal routine, expectations for the class, schedule etc. She was a little disappointed that they didn't actually get to do anything. In a more reflective moment that evening she said, "I know that I am in the second grade now, but I still feel like a first grader." She seemed slightly puzzled, as if she had expected this to be a more monumental transformation within herself.

It feels sort of sad to see her struggling with her own expectations so young. At the same time I find that I am anxious to find out too. What new interests will she discover in the second grade? What new things will she learn how to do and then take for granted? I look forward to seeing her logic and creativity develop as she continually reinvents herself, even when she doesn't feel any different.

Currently Reading: The Thirteenth Scroll The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
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I know these are really late at this point, but below the cut are my journal entries I wrote on the reverse chronological order 8/5-8/9 )

Random VI Thoughts
* NPR should not use the phrase "the money shot"
* I am not amused by the size of the bugs, though the larger number of frogs and toads is neat. Wouldn't it be funny if the size of the reptiles was proportional to that of the bugs?
* Neither Roger nor I should travel south in the summer due to the heat; we both wilt.
* The word "indian" drives me crazy especially when used by educational facilities. These people are native americans; they are not native to India.
* My step-mother likes the apartment really cold. No really. Neither Tab nor I are feeling fantastic. I suspect that it is from going back and forth from 100*F to 62*F.
* Unsupervised children in hot tubs should be held ransom.

MoS & SnB

Jul. 12th, 2006 02:59 pm
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Sunday Tab and I headed over to the Museum of Science, since I had promised that we would go. This was out first trip since we got our new membership card. (Note people who might be interested in the exhibit halls, we get free admition for 5 people so let me know if you would be interested at some point.)

Not long after we got there the MoS staff anounced that a live animal presentation was going to be starting in the lower level of the green wing. It was a presentation on birds of prey. No sooner than we had sat down then we saw [ profile] anotherjen and Ilana. The two girls chased each other for the rest of the afternoon until we all headed home in the same direction together. We should definately arrange play time for the two of them in the future.

Afterwards we stopped by the local Stitch and Bitch. Tab was a bit upset that she hadn't brought hers with her, but was comforted by a giant chocolate chip cookie. Before long she had passed out in a metal coffee house chair with a teddy bear under her head for a pillow. It was good to see the knitting people again. I haven't been able to make it in weeks. [ profile] bestitched seems to be doing well; she is really settling into being a new mom. The dress she is making her daughter is super cute too. Just more reason to do some baby knitting I guess. I also saw [ profile] grumperina, who pointed out that I was doing lace in black mohair in the summer. I don't think it is quite as crazy as it sounds though. My hands don't get sweaty even in the summer and so far I haven't had problems with black yarn. I guess it is just young eyes. And for the most part Icarus is a fairly mindless repeat. I am no where near the interesting part yet. (PS [ profile] bestitched, Molly's headband which I was talking about it at the bottom of the page.)

CSA Week 4

Jul. 6th, 2006 04:11 pm
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Tab went with me to the farm this morning to help out. We cut tatsoi (an asian green) and gathered the leaves into bunches. Then we washed lettuce, before picking up our share. After picking the peas (our last item), we helped 2 of her friends weed the peas and scallions, before walking home. I am glad we had extra drinks to share. Next time we should bring a big drink container with spigot.

I also managed to get my first sunburn of the season right across my back where my shirt gapped when I leaned over. Ouchy! Otherwise we were well protected by hats and sunscreen.

    Today's pickup:
  • raddichio
  • green leaf lettuce
  • red leaf lettuce
  • crook neck squash
  • radishes (regular & french)
  • peas (snow & english)
  • tatsoi
  • baby bok choy
  • green house tomatos
  • mint
  • cauliflower
  • basil

Note to self: send out note in the CSA newsletter about bringing something to drink out of if Will brings drink dispensor.


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