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Last week Chiquita had a week long set of photography classes at the Museum of Science. She actually has been fairly interested in photography for a number of years, and I have fond recollections of [ profile] salvbard and she sitting side by side, focused.

The beginning of the week did not get great reviews, which was a bit harder for me as I was still at Pennsic. She didn't like the icebreaker games, and felt like they didn't get through much material. I clearly have no idea who [ profile] majes was referring to that he felt she sounded like with her cries of "this feels like a waste of my time" as one of the worst judgements she could make of it.

She dismisses their attempts at drawing in the ideas of subatomic particles as explanation of what the light was doing. ("Well photons are the basis of the light you you for photography" I tried. "But I don't need to know about protons or neutrons. You need light for photography, that is all I need to know!")

They made pin hole cameras though, which she thought was pretty cool. And apparently she was fairly taken with an explanation of why a tree was like a pin hole camera, which she seemed to think was quite clever.

By the second day though she had made firmer friendships with the likely candidates I had heard about the day before. She made plans to hang out with her new friends outside of photography class and carried them out with our awareness. I was actually quite pleased by how good she was about keeping me in the loop about her plans and whereabouts so that I didn't worry.

There was good discussion about composition and the mathematical ratios that strike the eye as pleasing. I heard a lot of "did you know..." on the subjects of the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequences.

And the thing that I thought she would be interested in most was a big hit: the dark room. She may have already made some declarative statements on what she thought parts of the basement should be repurposed for. She also has some slightly untrue ideas about what we have at work for materials. But she will figure it out.

I had been wondering if she might have been happier in a more art centric program, but the whole experience seems to have gone over well in the end. I think we will likely be looking for another photography class for next year (possibly elsewhere just for variety).

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MoS & SnB

Jul. 12th, 2006 02:59 pm
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Sunday Tab and I headed over to the Museum of Science, since I had promised that we would go. This was out first trip since we got our new membership card. (Note people who might be interested in the exhibit halls, we get free admition for 5 people so let me know if you would be interested at some point.)

Not long after we got there the MoS staff anounced that a live animal presentation was going to be starting in the lower level of the green wing. It was a presentation on birds of prey. No sooner than we had sat down then we saw [ profile] anotherjen and Ilana. The two girls chased each other for the rest of the afternoon until we all headed home in the same direction together. We should definately arrange play time for the two of them in the future.

Afterwards we stopped by the local Stitch and Bitch. Tab was a bit upset that she hadn't brought hers with her, but was comforted by a giant chocolate chip cookie. Before long she had passed out in a metal coffee house chair with a teddy bear under her head for a pillow. It was good to see the knitting people again. I haven't been able to make it in weeks. [ profile] bestitched seems to be doing well; she is really settling into being a new mom. The dress she is making her daughter is super cute too. Just more reason to do some baby knitting I guess. I also saw [ profile] grumperina, who pointed out that I was doing lace in black mohair in the summer. I don't think it is quite as crazy as it sounds though. My hands don't get sweaty even in the summer and so far I haven't had problems with black yarn. I guess it is just young eyes. And for the most part Icarus is a fairly mindless repeat. I am no where near the interesting part yet. (PS [ profile] bestitched, Molly's headband which I was talking about it at the bottom of the page.)
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I had a great day with [ profile] sarah_barah yesterday. We saw the Star Wars exhibit at the MoS. Fortunately we even thought of purchasing our tickets the night before. Apparently, not only are special exhbits cheaper for members ($3 instead of $20), the convenience charge of 1.50 per ticket is also waived. I was quite pleased, especially when I saw the incredibly long lines of February vacation families.

After words hanging out in a coffee shop I found myself thinking that it was really nice to be able to take this time to just chill and catch up with old friends. Life has been so incredibly insane and hectic that I really needed to slow down and think about things that matter a little more. I am actually surprised that I waxed as philosophical as I did. (Eep sorry for the paternal ranting though.)

(Oh and for reference the websites we discussed were Knitting Help and Etsy.)
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Since Roger and I are members we have access to the members-stuff and can bring guests. I haven't figured out when we are going to this yet, but if anyone else is interested in going then we could definitely work around suggested dates. Anyone want to go?

From a members email I got:

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination
Starting August 1, 2005, Members are invited to purchase tickets in advance for the much-anticipated world premiere exhibition developed by the Museum of Science, Boston, and Lucasfilm Ltd. Tickets for the general public become available on August

Exhibition Preview: Experience this one-of-a-kind exhibition before it opens to the public! (Tickets go on sale to all Members beginning August 1)
- Grand Member Preview - Sunday, October 23 (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
- Member Preview - Tuesday, October 25 (10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.)
- Member Preview – Wednesday, October 26 (10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.)

Members-Only Viewing Times: An evening treat - a great opportunity to see the exhibition after hours! (Tickets go on sale to all Members beginning August 1) - November 20, January 22, February 12, March 12, April 9 (all dates 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
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Saturday we went to the Zoom celebration of Engineers' week at the MoS. There were a ton of kids! The most memorable quote of the event was from the guy who did the lightning show, "This isn't the 'Museum of Idle Rumor'. I need to offer you proof!" I wish more science was presented that way to kids.

Afterward when I was about ready to collapse from chasing around two 5 year olds around, we got dinner at Friendly's. It isn't my favorite place, but at least it was quiet. Or it was until C (age 5) announced "Raise your hand if you like Kerry" in the loudest voice she could manage. T (almost 6) then returns with "Well I really like George Bush". Gah! What have we done to our children? I know I wasn't passionate about politics at that age. Actually it is really scary because it seems like Hitler Jugend-like brainwashing. They don't really have reasons for their candidates of choice. They are repeating things they hear (either from family or school). I find that it provokes a strange protective urge in me. I don't want them involved in this side choosing yet...


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