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Eastern Standard Time:
•Penumbral eclipse begins 12:29 AM EST
•Partial eclipse begins 1:33 AM EST
•Total eclipse begins 2:41 AM EST
•Greatest eclipse 3:17 AM EST
•Total eclipse ends 3:53 AM EST
•Partial eclipse ends 5:01 AM EST
•Penumbral eclipse ends 6:05 AM EST
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Interesting story on possible Mars tectonics. I wonder if this will change anything for the Phoenix investigators or if it will fall to another mission to explore.
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My mom sent me an email about two new mars journals. (Yeah mom you are so cool!) The website has no content yet though. I just thought this might interest a few people.
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Launch Postponement Press Meeting is scheduled for 4:30. Since they only had a 5 minute window today, a delay means that it will be severel more days before another launch attempt can be done. I have to admit I am feelina little bummed about this whole thing. I will hang around for a few minutes to see if this means EST, but I have to be at the MoS by 5:30 so I won't be able to hang around too long.

EDIT: Basicaly this was a safety call as the redundant systems were not in agreement. Pinpoiinting the exact cause is still underway. Launch is now scheduled for 2:41 EST on July 16th.
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If you happen to have a few moments today it might be nice to spend them thinking happy thoughts for the Discovery. It is scheduled to launch at 3:51 EST today as it was given the go ahead last night despite some minor technical snags. They have a fair weather forecast, but given the last mission everyone is obviously holding their breath. I was just thinking about the fact that I don't really remember the Challenger launch, but I did have a teacher in highschool that had a "Nothing can stop the Challenger" poster up in his room which he kept for irony.

Anyways if you are really interested in watching this progress, Australian IT is reporting that Yahoo will be streaming video of the mission. Other than this story I don't see anything to about the mission on the homepage yet, though a briefly search did find me this (yes I know there are links to streaming video, but I was looking for one through yahoo not the nasa site).

Between Deep Impact and the Discovery NASA has been a lot more in the public's eye recently. (Actually there was a Deep Impact float in my home town's fourth of July parade.) I can only hope this will continue, as before that it looked like budget cuts would have even more severely crippled this work.

By the way read on here for a strange story on a Russian woman suing NASA for mental suffering and "deforming her horoscope".
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So about a week ago at this point there was a press release about the Phoenix Mars Mission. Even though I am not involved any more I have been following updates on this mission with enthusiasm and great interest. I though others might be interested if they had not already heard anything themselves.


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