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Interesting story on possible Mars tectonics. I wonder if this will change anything for the Phoenix investigators or if it will fall to another mission to explore.
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Roger woke me this morning before he left as he knew that I would want to be awake for this. It is like comand center with all the computers I have on just for me. I have one for browsing so that another can be devoted just to the live NASA TV Video.

Call confirmed that she was on schedule. She got within ground tracking radar, and then we got images via an infrared tracking camera. Discovery just looks like a bright triangular speck in a field of black in it that gradually became more "shuttle-shaped". Live video is available where the nose can be seen to glowing as they land. They reported that the runway was in sight and were able to put down landing gear without a problem; they made it look like an easy everyday thing.

They are home! Landing convoy is coming into place. I am sitting here quite literally crying. I am so happy that everything went perfectly.
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I am so relieved that everything went well with Discovery's launch. I hadn't realized I was holding so much tension over it. I just called my mom and anyone else I thought would care (and not read here). I am so glad that the problem sensor was well behaved for launch. In the end I don't think it will make a difference (that is what redundant systems are all about), but if anything bad had happened I think it would take NASA even longer to recover than for the Challenger. So no need to worry about that one aspect anyways; there is plenty of other things. For now things look well, but I will be thinking happy thoughts for them for the next 12 days.


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