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Things continue to speed by. Last weekend we had the culmination of a lot of work leading up to [personal profile] majes and [personal profile] jasra's relationship shindig/reception. Similar to [personal profile] salvbard's and my one, they had gone to a Justice of the Peace first (which we were honored to witness). They reception was a simple ritual, gathered family and friends, with party after.

Before the wedding [personal profile] salvbard and I helped prep the two sites for the reception and party respectively. This meant some lovely gardening time as well as house prep. I also was able to help with some last minute costuming needs when [personal profile] majes' hat arrived with the wrong color band and things needed to be pressed.

Before the ritual each said a brief speech. [personal profile] jasra seemed very nervous as she started, but quickly found her groove as her words were full of love and truth and history, which are all mighty, strengthening things. [personal profile] majes' words were eloquent and relaxed in his love and comfort with the love and acceptance between them. In both cases I really felt the space they had both built for [personal profile] salvbard and I into both their lives and this celebration of their love for each other. This was both explicit acknowledgement in their words as well as the fact that it was important to them both to have is be visibly a part, when we would also have been OK being the quiet force that just made it happen for them if they preferred.

[personal profile] salvbard and I were asked to be part of the ritual in addition to helping with the event in general. He started the fire at the center of the labyrinth, and I had collected well wishes from guests, which I handed them to be read aloud. There were many lovely wishes, which is maybe to be expected from such an amazing community.

The party seemed to go well, although I retreated after making sure [personal profile] majes and [personal profile] jasra weren't going to get all caught up in hosting duties. [personal profile] salvbard also helped me make a fall sangria that [personal profile] jasra had found and was interested in. (I never actually had any or really much else to drink that evening. If you tried it let me know your thoughts. Make again?)

It was a lovely day, which I was glad to have been part of. So high time to record my recollections before I forget more.
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