Dec. 1st, 2009 02:02 pm
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45 days until Arisia.
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11 pounds of rubber duckies have arrived!

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Full credit to [ profile] buxom_bey for the idea of this post edit: and [ profile] gilana for the idea in general.

If you are not aware there will be Naughty Nurse calendars for sale at Arisia, but you may want to buy on-line ahead of time, and leave the rest for the loads of people who are not likely to have heard about it ahead of time. I am Ms. March. Proceeds will go to The Heinlein Society.
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Con started on thursday for me, as is my habit. For unknown reasons I really like unpacking Ops. Even early on I got to see [ profile] cintyber, [ profile] c1, [ profile] allenswitch and other con people that I am not sure of lj handles for (but could probably find on [ profile] cintyber's f-list if I was ambitious). Unfortunately since I left at 6:30 PM, apparently just missed [ profile] thanos73 and [ profile] kgola.

Friday I got to the hotel in the afternoon by taking the shuttle from Kendall. This was my only shuttle experience at the con, but it was fairly positive. It showed up quickly and wasn't crowded. After I got in, Programming Ops was crazy full of people, so I wandered up to Ops, where I met up with [ profile] thanos73, [ profile] crazybone and [ profile] kgola. I also saw [ profile] doobie, [ profile] dalious and other Security staff (aka more people I don't have lj names for).

Also friday night I got to see [ profile] mynext_boldmove, [ profile] motive_nuance, [ profile] mindslv, [ profile] ember_dark, [ profile] terse_scribe, [ profile] cwellan and [ profile] ruggrat briefly. I wish I had been able to spend more time with each of you. Con makes me feel very ADD, and I find my attention going 100 ways at once, none of them well. And since I crashed at 9:30 PM I didn't get to see [ profile] shadesong or any of the other BPALers.

I did get help from one of the Security ladies (name?) to crimp my hair to complete my nurse costume though. Yay 80s hair! I had a great time with the [ profile] naughty_nurses for the most part (more on that in another post). The photo shoot in particular was too funny. Much fun was had with such lovely ladies as [ profile] buxom_bey, [ profile] doeeyedbunny, [ profile] mizarchivist, [ profile] gingerkat, [ profile] pisicutsa, and [ profile] mzrowan. Many thanks to our cat-herder [ profile] gingerkat for making it happen. Added bonus for making [ profile] first_clark blush! Also many thanks to [ profile] woodwardiocom for taking photos from which I could make an icon.

I was really glad that I had a few chances to steal time with [ profile] yummygirl, as I have missed her very much. Sweetie we should plan something soon! Not only was she fabulous in Registration, but we found out that going to Johannesburg does not disqualify you from giving blood.

I didn't get to Staff Den until saturday, but [ profile] chaiya did an amazing job. And I got soap from her for my mom about which I am quite excited. Also working there I got to see [ profile] tpau, with an added bonus round at the Stitch 'N Bitch.

Sunday I was starting to drag, but I managed to catch sight of a few more people I would have otherwise missed including [ profile] forestjay in Fast Track and [ profile] clahey at Fabric Dragon. (BTW [ profile] forestjay, the sewing machine I was talking about was a Husqvarna Husky.) And Roger bought be sock yarn! That man loves me :) (The background for this is that I am trying to not buy any more sock yarn at the moment, but he reminded me that we had made a special dispensation for souvenir yarn, for which this wool/soysilk/chitin yarn qualified.)

By Dead Dog I was feeling dead on my feet. I chatted for a little bit with [ profile] allenswitch and [ profile] ember_dark which actually helped me feel a little better. And finally to end my evening on a much higher note than it had progressed for much of the day, I was chatting with [ profile] bryttan and [ profile] mycroft.


Jan. 7th, 2007 09:08 pm
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I spent most of saturday at a local red cross drive that [ profile] first_clark was organizing. It was a busy day, but good in many ways. Tab and I also got a chance to play with the scripts for Twelfth Night that [ profile] first_clark had been working on. If we can get donors to use these, it will be a lot of fun, but I admit to being a bit put off by one grumpy woman who was really annoyed by it. You can't make everyone happy I suppose.

That afternoon/evening we went to Costco (and spent under $100, impossible!) and went to see Eragon. I almost wish I hadn't read the book first. It was decent, but had little to do with the book other than sharing the same characters.

Today was good too. I sang in the choir for the first time in a while. Pretty much the whole of December was impossible for me. Ironically most of the music was about snowfall. It was good to be back, though, especially as I will miss next weekend for Arisia. Thankfully the choir isn't singing next weekend so I won't miss that, just the service.
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Tis the season... that I am starting to think about Arisia in 2007. Since it looks like they will be putting caps on membership, I paid for Roger and Tab's memberships yesterday. Only then we found out that Roger had volunteered enough to be comped. Oops! Does anyone need a membership? If not I will try to see if I can apply it for Tab for next year (not sure if that is possible).

If [ profile] cintyber still wants me, I will be working in Programming. If [ profile] thanos73 is interested, Roger may work in Ops/Security. And Tab should have a grand old time in Fast Track. Also I seem to be completely unable to find the pvc nurse outfit I wore to [ profile] mrpet's many moons ago. I have a replacement outfit and some fabulous shoes for "Naughty Nursing", but I am still slightly sad.

PS. If you haven't already heard the song that I am listening to then you should go listen to it for free on the Podsafe Music Network. Also for geeky goodness I recommend his "Reinstalling Windows" (but turn down your volume a bit first).
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So many LJ people! Although I did not make it to any LJ panels or the meet-and-greet (I stuck my head in but it was much to crowded), I saw many so many people. Below is a mostly complete list, not including the many I don't have lj names for.

Friday night working ops, both [ profile] dustriderma and [ profile] terse_scribe came in briefly. I spotted [ profile] regyt briefly in an elevator. [ profile] sunspiral was seen in the artshow near his work (which was beautiful!) when I was wandering with [ profile] motive_nuance. [ profile] brigeecat and [ profile] bryttan, I only got to visit briefly in coat check. I spent a few minutes visiting [ profile] mycroft in Gopher Hole before the drum circle.

Saturday I wandered the vendor's room with [ profile] cwellan. (Roger ended up getting me that tarot deck that we saw and I really liked.) [ profile] thanos73 and [ profile] kgola I got to see a fair bit of, due to office proximity. I hadn't seen them in ages and am not sure when I will get another chance, so I was really glad of this. [ profile] terse_scribe looked awesome when I spotted him headed out for the evening, if a bit tired. I didn't really see [ profile] allenswitch or [ profile] ember_dark that much, but I hope we will be able to get together at some point.

Just in passing in the hallways were a bunch more. [ profile] buxom_bey, [ profile] cathijosephine, and [ profile] ragingamazon all looked particularly fabulous. I was even surprised to see [ profile] mytheria. I saw [ profile] dalious several times in the halls, but I never actually managed to sit still for any sort of convesation. In the same way I kept seeing [ profile] mrpet on various floors from the elevator. (And I didn't spot Wonder Woman.) Unfortunately I didn't get to any of [ profile] woodwardiocom's panels since some were really interesting to me, but I did spot him on the 4th floor and when he was turning something into lost and found.

Sadly I missed [ profile] missamay and [ profile] yummygirl, both of whom I didn't even know were there until after the con was over. I am so sad I missed you guys. We should get together later. I am not sure if [ profile] kracktek ended up going other than thursday night load-in since I didn't see him all weekend.
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Very tired... more on that later. It was nice to see when I got home that I got a journal entry on one of my Bookcrossing releases (Blood Ties). I ended up releasing the following:

The Hour of the Gate by Alan Dean Foster
The Death od Chaos by L. E. Modesitt Jr.
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
Demon Sword: The Years of Longdirk by Ken Hood
Dueces Down
Blood Ties by Karen E. Taylor
Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper
The Long Lavendar Look by John D. McDonald
A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, Mayflower, 1620 (Dear America Series) by Kathryn Lasky
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Ok weekly report sent out and models set up to run over the weekend. I'm headed out to grab lunch and head over to the Park Plaza for Arisia. Hopefully I will see a bunch of you there!


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